How We Build

Each home we build is a masterpiece of it’s own. It’s amazing to see the dreams and planning of a retired couple or a family with children or teens begin to materialize. It’s an honor to be a part of making that happen. So when you are ready to begin, here’s what to expect.

DA Bowman construction consultation meeting

1. Getting Started

The Initial Consultation

Building a new home is a big undertaking and we want to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible. You’ve likely been collecting inspiration and dreaming for months, years or even decades. In our first meeting, Ian, Alex or Dean will be your host. We want to meet you to hear your dreams and to see your vision. 

We have a simple, straightforward process to ensure we help you think of everything. The greatest projects are thoughtfully created, well communicated, carefully crafted and expertly finished with attention to detail.

DA Bowman construction team reviews blueprints to catch the clients vision.

2. Capturing the Vision

Design & Planning

Next we’ll take your ideas and begin turning them into a plan. Ian creates drawings and 3D models. Doug, our selections coordinator & estimator helps you identify the atmosphere and style you are targeting, offering ideas and visualizations to capture the final feel of the home you want and begins building project estimates. Alex, Ian and Troy our project manager review the plans and then we meet with you again, discussing optimization of spaces and tweaking the design until it is just what you want.

DA Bowman staff review project status on computer

3. Progress in Real Time

Your Personal Portal

Building a custom home is a process many people do only once in a lifetime. It’s exciting! Most folks like to know play by play, how the project is progressing. With each home we build, the homeowner gets a personalized portal in CoConstruct, an internet login where all the details of the building process are communicated. 

Once we set up your login, you’ll have access to the specs and planning documents we are creating as you begin the build. It makes things like signing proposals, viewing the schedule overview and creating change orders quick and easy. This is where all the choices you make are logged. We give you a progress update daily with photos, a job log explaining what was done that day and explanations of delays (like weather or scheduling).

Contractors reviewing custom home blueprint

4. Into the Nitty Gritty!

Choices, Details and Planning

So many choices! There are hundreds of choices to be made in a new home build; everything from closet location, to cabinetry hardware to window shade styles. This can be overwhelming. But we make it easy.  

We provide you with a building process checklist. Then we focus on area by area with a weekly planning meeting where you’ll make selections throughout the building process. This meeting can be onsite or at our office, depending on what makes the most sense for the selections taking place.

We attempt to make the process as intuitive and natural as possible, not one big meeting where you choose it all and then don’t hear from your builder again until near completion.

Walls studded on custom home build in Ohio.

5. The Dream Takes Shape

Construction Step by Step

Most new homes take six to nine months to build. Early stages are rough excavation, basement/foundation installation. Next the structure of the home will emerge as the shell is framed, sheeted and dried in. Exterior windows and doors go in next, with HVAC, electrical & plumbing rough in. Insulation and interior walls, sheetrock and finishing follow next, then interior trim, doors, painting, flooring inside and sewer system, well digging and exterior surface, concrete all take their place in the budding homestead. 

You can stay in tune with what is happening either by dropping in to see or by checking CoConstruct each day to see what happened, viewing posted pictures and job log details.

Custom home entrance with stone pillars and shake siding

6. At Last!

Completion and Warranty

As your new home moves into the final stages, we finish grade the exterior and create a punch list of final items to be finished up. 

Every home we build comes with a 1-year warranty for workmanship and material. If you notice anything that isn’t right in the first year of settling into your new home, we’ll drop by and get it taken care of.

Custom home foyer in western Ohio.

7. Here’s to the Future!

Welcome Home

It’s always exhilarating to usher our customers into their new home with smiles all around. We love creating great spaces and working with great people. Most of our projects are the beginning of lifelong friendships and lead to more projects for the homeowner and their friends. We look forward to meeting you and turning your dreams into beautiful realities!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and yes! We build on private land but also offer rural lots in several new home communities located in:

  • Fletcher, OH
  • Laura, OH
  • Troy, OH.

Check out our new home communities here.

Most of our communities do not have an HOA because they are located in Ohio’s countryside and not in high density developments.

  1. No. Design is best done with the builder to keep projects organized and on budget. Find out more about our design and building process here
  2. We also have an interior design consultant on our team. She will step you thoughtfully through all the design choices to the home you love, inside and out. Find out more on our designer page.

We understand. It happens! We’ll adjust the project plans with a change order to meet your reconsidered goals.

Every home we build comes with a 1-year home warranty for workmanship and material. If you notice anything that isn’t right in the first year of settling into your new home, we’ll drop by and get it taken care of.

It typically takes 7-9 months, depending on factors like weather, the size of the house, and the complexity of the build. 

We build custom homes in communities through out the greater Troy, OH area, including but not limited to neighborhoods in: Bellefontaine, Covington, Dayton, Fletcher, Greenville, Piqua, Sidney, Springfield, Tipp City, Troy, Urbana, Versailles, and beyond.